27 Aug 2013

Renowned oceanographer to explore American Samoa's Swains Island

2:56 pm on 27 August 2013

A renowned oceanographer and environmentalist is leading a team of 40 scientists and researchers on an expedition to uncover the secrets of American Samoa's Swains Island.

Jean Michel Cousteau, the son of the famous French ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, is helping the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa with the project.

The 75-year-old will be filmed nonstop by underwater cameraman Jean Knowlton, who has filmed many well known ocean features for television.

Jean Cousteau says American Samoa is lucky to have Swains Island.

"It's probably a little treasure that needs to be protected, preserved, taken care of and not abuse it like we've abused many other places on the planet so it's an example we can show to the world."

Jean Cousteau says he also hopes to dive in the islands' main lake.