29 Aug 2013

France asked to explain alleged impunity of French Polynesian mayor

4:24 am on 29 August 2013

A member of the French Polynesian assembly, Jacqui Drollet, has asked the French justice minister when last year's supreme court ruling against a mayor, Cyril Tetuanui, will be enacted.

Last August, the court in Paris gave him a one-year suspended prison sentence and declared him ineligible for public office for a year.

In a letter to Christiane Taubira, Mr Drollet says Cyril Tetuanui is enjoying impunity and has continued to be the mayor of Tumara'a.

He says a month ago he asked the French High Commission why the court ruling wasn't applied.

Cyril Tetuanui and his wife, who is a former government minister, had been found guilty of using municipal employees in 2002 to have work done on their private residence on Raiatea.