18 Jun 2013

Electrocution prompts Niue wiring checks

7:05 pm on 18 June 2013

The Niue Power Corporation, which is checking faulty or worn wiring around the island for free, has so far visited more than 80 houses.

Concerns at the state of wiring in some homes has been heightened by the electrocution last month of a primary school girl and another, earlier in the year, that was not fatal.

The general manager of Niue Power, Speedo Hetutu, says they recognise that the wiring in some houses is not up to standard or has decayed.

He says that is why the government has been offering the free checks since last July.

"Most of the problems are old wiring, the insulation has been broken off and rats - been chewing on the top of the rafters and exposed....Some of the wiring can be seen, some can not be, but on some areas where people can see, they will have to seek some help from the government, like Niue Power Corp."

Speedo Hetutu says there are about seven qualified people on the island able to sign off on electrical installation work.