12 Jun 2013

Fiji workshop looks to fight gender-based violence

3:31 pm on 12 June 2013

Experts from around the Pacific will be meeting in Fiji tomorrow to discuss how culture can be used in the fight against violence against women.

The three-day women's empowerment workshop in Nadi will look at how cultural practices are being used to defend the widespread problem of gender-based violence in the Pacific.

The officer in charge at UNESCO in the Pacific, Dr Sue Vize, says organisers want to break down the barrier of culture, and use it in more positive ways.

"Often when it comes up like that, culture is seen as a negative thing. But we want culture to be seen as a postive force in addressing things like violence against women, women's participation in political and economic life etcetera. And culture is not static, culture is ever-changing."

UNESCO is teaming up with academics, development experts and church leaders for the workshop, which Dr Vize says will be the first of its kind for Fiji.