24 May 2013

Hope of new faces in Nauru parliament

1:49 pm on 24 May 2013

A Nauru MP Baron Waqa says there is hope next month's general election will usher into parliament a host of new members capable of breaking the pattern of political deadlock.

Nauru goes to the polls on June the 22nd, following numerous attempts by the president Sprent Dabwido to dissolve the 18-member parliament and hold early elections.

Parliamentary stalemates have stopped a succession of governments from operating effectively as well as introducing constitutional reforms some consider essential to allowing the country to prosper.

Mr Waqa says he knows of at least one new person from the 10,000-strong population putting themselves forward in one of the bigger constituencies and he hopes there will be others.

"Help solve this stalemate and parliament being dysfunctional as well as government because of the numbers being tight. I think it'll be a good idea and I can see there'll be some changes as well."

A Nauru MP, Baron Waqa.