23 May 2013

Samoa shadow finance minister calls for independent corruption body

1:17 pm on 23 May 2013

A Samoan opposition MP says corruption is a disease that is on the rise in the country.

Afualo Dr Wood Salele, who is the shadow minister of finance, made the comments after accusations of incompetence and corruption were levelled against the finance minister, Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, from his own party.

He says the claims against the minister impact the whole government and the parliament needs to come to a bipartisan agreement on setting up an independent tribunal to investigate corruption.

He says the ombudsman's office deals with public complaints and its own role may widen soon, but a new body is required to look at corruption in a more balanced way.

"It is only fair and just for the whole of Samoa, for the people of Samoa to have an independent body through the corruption tribunal. For me, that is the way forward."

Afualo Dr Wood Salele says the accusations against Faumuina will be ongoing until the prime minister addresses them.