8 May 2013

Tahiti's Flosse wants decolonisation bid annulled

6:41 am on 8 May 2013

The leader of French Polynesia's Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party, Gaston Flosse, says he will try to stop the decolonisation bid at the UN in New York which was lodged by the outgoing government of Oscar Temaru.

Mr Flosse, whose party has won a landslide victory in the weekend territorial election, says the first sitting of the new assembly will adopt a resolution, asking the French President to intervene at the UN and to seek to annul the bid.

Mr Flosse, who is also a French Senator, says independence will be the end of Polynesia.

However, French Polynesia's other member of the French Senate, the pro-independence politician Richard Tuheiava, says the application is already on the agenda.

"Our understanding of the process is that [the] Maohinui government no longer possesses or owns the resolution and the process, it's now in the hands of our sponsors."

Richard Tuheiava says the resolution could be debated as soon as next week.