2 May 2013

Samoa power utility denies it is investigating an alleged meter scam

3:14 pm on 2 May 2013

Samoa's Electric Power Corporation's general manager has denied they are investigating any fradulent scheme involving cash power meters.

A local newspaper published an article this week stating the EPC was investigating such a scheme following a 5 million US dollar drop in revenue, which was thought to have begun following Cyclone Evan last year.

But the General Manager of the EPC, Tologata Tagaloatele, has disputed the claims.

He says the drop in revenue is due to a transmission and distribution associated costs, where a

7 percent to 10 percent loss is normal.

The EPC has issued a statement saying it is now taking active steps to reduce these losses.

It has also confirmed there were reduced revenue collections in January as a result of Cyclone Evan, due to the extra costs of re-connecting customers to the grid.