29 Apr 2013

First university in Solomon Islands cheaper option than studying abroad -academics

10:32 am on 29 April 2013

Academics in Solomon Islands say enrolling at the country's first university is a cheaper option than studying abroad.

The Solomon Islands National University has officially replaced the College of Higher Education in the capital, Honiara.

The Deputy Principal of King George the sixth High School, Jonathan Dive says students who choose to further their studies locally won't be burdened with the cost of airfares, accommodation and international fees, faced by those who study overseas.

"It will reduce costs when sending students overseas. Not only that but we have quite a number of students in senior forms like form six and seven, they might have an opportunity to go to another university, which might be reducing the cost for the government to send more students overseas."

Jonathan Dive says some students will still have to study offshore to due the limited courses on offer so far.