23 Apr 2013

Questions over NFP membership process in Fiji dismissed as frivolous

9:42 pm on 23 April 2013

A member of the proposed Fiji National Federation Party says questions about its membership raised by the Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, are frivolous.

The three parties that applied for registration nearly two months ago have each been given more time to answer queries about how they signed up some members.

The NFP's Raman Singh has dismissed Mr Saneem's complaint that one of their agents in Kadavu had impersonated a government official.

Mr Singh says it was quite clear the agent was representing the NFP.

He says the other issues involve about 60 people from the more than 7,500 the party signed up.

Mr Singh says they are minor complaints, but are still making it difficult for the party.

"There might be a purpose behind it I don't know but our life is being made difficult. We have to run around, make our written explanations, take it to him [Mohammed Saneem] in the timeline given, normally it is about one week. So we will leave it to the public to decide the reasons behind it."

Raman Singh