22 Apr 2013

Call for submissions over MP payout increase

11:00 am on 22 April 2013

The chairman of the Solomon Islands Parliamentary Entitlements Commission is calling for public make submissions on the increase in the terminal payout to MPs.

The commission has approved an increase from 14,000 US dollars to 56,000 US dollars for parliamentarians finishing their four-year term.

The government must secure two point eight million US dollars to meet its obligation for the 50 exiting MPs, something Johnson Siapu says parliament will decide how to raise.

But he says he would consider repealing or amending the decision.

"I'm welcoming any groups, forums or even the anti- corruption group who have been speaking about this one to come forward with their submissions and then I'll call for a meeting anytime in the near future to look into their submissions and see what we can do with that."

Johnson Siapu says MPs' service to their country justifies the payout.