17 Apr 2013

Boycotting Nauru MPs slammed by colleague after parliament fails to muster a quorum

4:33 am on 17 April 2013

A Nauru MP says the islanders are sick of parliamentarians playing political games.

Baron Waqa was speaking after today's first sitting of Parliament in more than a month had to be adjourned because it lacked a quorum.

It will now convene on Thursday.

Mr Waqa says a number of the MPs, who last month sought a Supreme Court ruling that parliament be recalled, had boycotted, with some of them flying out of the country on Monday.

"There wasn't any quorum therefore the Speaker adjourned the House until Thursday and we'll see how things go then. There should be a flight back tomorrow [Wednesday] and we expect them to return tomorrow if they are serious. You know they can't be doing this to this nation, the people of Nauru. They are playing politics and playing games, and people are just fed up with them."

Nauru MP Baron Waqa.

The 18 MPs are split into several factions - none large enough to command a majority.