11 Apr 2013

Samoa opposition irked by soft drug smuggler penalties

1:18 pm on 11 April 2013

An opposition MP in Samoa is calling for heavier penalties for smugglers of illegal drugs.

Tautua MP Lealailepule Rimoni Aiafi says he feels life imprisonment is a just sentence for drug smugglers.

The oppositon whip told Talamua online that there have been more cases of people smuggling illegal substances such as ice, P and even cocaine into the country.

He says his biggest fear is for young people.

The party leader, Palusalue Fa'apo II, blamed weak protection of the borders by customs and police for the increase in drug smuggling.

He referred to one case where drug suspects were able to flee the country before they were brought to trial.

Palusalue and Lealailepule believe that persons in authority had allowed the offenders to escape.