3 Apr 2013

Dolphins in Solomons being killed over money dispute - environmental group

5:28 am on 3 April 2013

A spokesperson for the Earth Island Institute says villagers from Solomon Islands are continuing to kill dolphins to lure the group into negotiations over money.

The environmental organisation says people from Fanalei Village in Malaita Province killed more than 200 dolphins in February, including 70 just over a week ago.

The people of Fanalei village say they reverted to the traditional practice of hunting dolphins after they were not paid money promised to them by the Earth Island Institute to stop the practice.

There are reports of up to a thousand dolphins being killed this season.

A spokesperson for Earth Island Institute, Lawrence Makili says the villagers are wanting the group to pay up.

"We see this as a protest to try to do things in order to lure us back on the table, to sit with them and have a deal, which we are not going to sit with people that are using slaughtering dolphins as a bargaining chip for them to do what they do."

Lawrence Makili says the government needs to take responsibility in resolving the issue.