25 Mar 2013

CNMI governor reveals his disgraced predecessor planed nuclear power plant

4:44 pm on 25 March 2013

The Northern Marianas governor, Eloy Inos, says he wants to establish whether the government has an obligation in relation to a contract signed by his predecessor and a former attorney-general, who is now a fugitive.

Mr Inos wants the Office of the Attorney General to determine liability for last year's controversial sole-source 190-million US dollar diesel power purchase agreement for 25 years with Saipan Development LLC.

It was signed by Benigno Fitial, who has since resigned in the face of an impeachment trial, and by Edward Buckingham, who is wanted for abuse of office.

It has been establishd that two months earlier a preliminary deal for a 50-megawatt safe nuclear energy production plant was also signed.