21 Mar 2013

ANZ American Samoa overwhelmed amid Bank of Hawaii saga

1:47 pm on 21 March 2013

Lengthy queues at two ANZ Bank locations in American Samoa are frustrating clients and new customers who have switched from the Bank of Hawaii.

When the Bank of Hawaii initially announced its closure, most customers transferred accounts to ANZ.

But customers are now venting their frustrations on social media, calling for the ANZ to improve its service.

One disgruntled ANZ client, Carol Stowers, says the wait time is ridiculously long

"You have to pick a number, for example I went there and I picked a number, I went there in the morning, I picked a number and it was like 200 something, and you waited there almost four hours to be served."

The CEO of ANZ American Samoa and Guam, Terese Salumbides, said in a statement there has been an uplift in terms of actual customer numbers

since the end of last year.