19 Mar 2013

CNMI deputy police comissioner granted bail

7:51 pm on 19 March 2013

The Northern Marianas deputy Police comissioner, Ambrosio Ogumoro has been granted bail after after being arrested for his part in an alleged conspiracy to shield the former attorney general from being served a penal summons in August last year.

The Superior Court Judge, David Wiseman, posted the bail at 10 thousand US dollars.

A warrant was issued for Mr Ogumoro's arrest earlier this month while he was in Canada, when he arrived in the CNMI on Sunday he was placed under house arrest and fired from his job at the Department of Public Safety, effective from next Monday.

Mr Ogumoro's charges include conspiracy to obstruct justice, interference with a law enforcement officer or witness, criminal coercion, theft of services and misconduct.

He will next appear in court on April 22nd.