13 Mar 2013

Bible studies in Samoa to help curb student brawls

4:24 pm on 13 March 2013

Samoa's Ministry of Education is now pushing bible studies in public schools as a measure to counter student violence.

The ministry's CEO Tanielu Aiafi says Samoa is a country founded on God, and an increasing number of brawls and violent student fights is unacceptable.

He says the curriculum's inclusion of religious studies will hopefully change student behaviour.

"So we are now using the values, the basic values in the bible, to be united, not to steal, to listen to your parents, to respect elders. I mean all these values are in the bible, so its just a matter of reviving them and stressing them to our children, that look don't waste your time on fighting and all that you are doing, you know you focus on your schoolwork because this is your future."

Tanielu Aiafi says a recent ban on the use of personal cellphones and other electronic devices during school time also appears to be working.

The gadgets were being used to get large groups of students together at a location at a specific time for a brawl.