8 Mar 2013

CNMI arrest warrants for former AG and deputy police chief

7:03 pm on 8 March 2013

Reports from the Northern Marianas say the Superior court has issued arrest warrants for the deputy Police Commissioner, Ambrosio Ogumoro, and the former attorney general turned fugitive, Edward Buckingham.

The Commonwealth Ports Authority's Police Chief, a Police Captain, and a ports Police Officer have already been arrested after they, along with Mr Ogumoro and former Governor Benigno Fitial allegedly helped Mr Buckingham flee the CNMI last year.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says the governor, Eloy Inos, has asked the governor of Iowa to extradite Mr Buckingham to the CNMI, something Mr Fitial never did.

"In the first place, you need a governor to sign the extradition, and before February 20 the governor was still Benigno Fitial, so he wasn't really in a hurry to sign that. And what happened when he (Buckingham) left, there was an investigation by the OPA that was not taken seriously by the Fitial administration."

Mark Rabago says this is all seen as part of the new governor's work to clean up the public service.