7 Mar 2013

Tonga police gets first report into record clearing history

2:39 pm on 7 March 2013

Tonga police have received a report from the Solicitor General into the clearing of police records.

A total of 172 cases have been identified of criminals who, over a ten-year period to 2011, had their records wiped by police officers.

The Police Commissioner Grant O'Fee says there is more work to do before determining culpability, as police continue their search for some of those with criminal records.

He says Aminiasi Kefu's report is confidential as investigations are ongoing.

"He has given me a report that is very helpful to further the investigation of the whole situation. There's still quite a bit to be done and it was never intended that would be the totality of the situation and we still have to contact quite a number of people."

Commissioner Grant O'Fee says he's confident measures are now in place to ensure the practise of clearing people's records to allow them to travel overseas can't happen any more.