6 Mar 2013

Nauru court rules parliament illegally adjourned

6:16 pm on 6 March 2013

A court in Nauru has ruled that last week's adjournment of parliement was done illegally.

The speaker Ludwig Scotty announced last Friday that parliament would be adjourned indefinitely on the advice of the president Sprent Dabwido.

This follows two resignations and one sacking in the six man cabinet.

A group of MPs, including a dumped minister, Marcus Stephen, challenged the move in the Supreme Court, saying it was unconstitutional because it denied MPs the opportunity to challenge the move.

MP Mathew Batsiua says the group will now appeal to the speaker to recall parliament so it can be properly debated.

"We are not going to argue against the dissolution. All we are arguing against is the process the speaker undertook. We believe he contravened the constitution and our view was upheld by the Supreme Court."

Mr Batsiua says it is normal for parliament to be dissolved around this time during an election year.