4 Mar 2013

Head of PNG's Unitech determined to return

9:17 am on 4 March 2013

An academic, who remains the vice chancellor of Papua New Guinea's University of Technology despite being deported from the country, is determined to return.

But Dr Albert Schram says he would only go back to Lae if he gets assurances that he can do his job without interference.

He has had a year long battle with the university council, which while replaced by the government, still effected his deportation by making what Dr Schram says were false statements to immigration officials.

Dr Schram says he wants to return because he feels he has a mission at Unitech and he is buoyed by the support from students and the staff.

"There's just a few people from the former council who are fighting desperately in an effort to avoid losing face. That is silly, because the situation at Unitech is quite well known, and the government has adopted a policy of reforming the university councils in PNG."