22 Feb 2013

Fitial's resignation surprise for CNMI backer

12:44 pm on 22 February 2013

A member of the Northern Marianas House of Representatives says he is surprised that the former Governor, Benigno Fitial, has resigned.

Richard Seman, who was one of only three representatives to vote against impeaching Mr Fitial, says there wasn't any substantial evidence that linked the Governor to the charges for which he was impeached.

Mr Seman says he would have expected Mr Fitial to survive a Senate trial.

"Having had the opportunity to review documents that were provided before me. There was not conclusive (evidence) if any, that points directly to the Governor. I mean, we hate to blame people. But having had the opportunity to review the things. They did not provide me with anything to conclusively put the fault on the Governor."

Richard Seman.

Meanwhile, the new Governor, Eloy Inos, says he has very ambitious goals for the US territory that includes a cabinet reshuffle and emergency declarations for the struggling Commonwealth Healthcare and Utilities Corporations.

Governor Inos, and his deputy, Lieutenant Governor Jude Hofschneider, were sworn in yesterday.