27 Dec 2012

Fiji regime eases ban on public meetings for constitution talks - but draft still not public

5:50 pm on 27 December 2012

The Fiji interim government has extended its easing of the Public Order decree to allow people to meet and discuss the draft constitution.

However the draft has not yet been formally made public, although leaked copies are readily available on the internet.

The requirement to obtain permits for meetings in a public place was suspended in July until the Constitution Commission presented its draft constitution to the President, which happened last week.

The Constituent Assembly, which is to debate the draft, is due to sit from next month.

The government says to allow members to meet with their constituencies and to facilitate wide public consultation it has temporarily lifted the requirement for permits for meetings in public places.

But the Ministry of Information says permits will still be required for any meeting on any public road, park or garden or in any sporting arena.