21 Nov 2012

US re-issues visa to Tahiti's Flosse

12:35 pm on 21 November 2012

The United States has reportedly re-issued a transit visa to French Polynesia's member of the French Senate, Gaston Flosse.

Earlier this month, Air Tahiti Nui refused to allow him onboard its Los Angeles and Paris flight because Washington had cancelled his transit permit amid a range of court cases and convictions.

The Nouvelles de Tahiti says Gaston Flosse has been cleared to travel again after he explained his situation to the US consul in New Zealand.

His lawyer says the jail sentence his client was given for corruption in the appeal court last month is not final.

The newspaper says the senator sought a fresh US visa as he refused to consider travelling to France via South America or Asia.

During his stay in New Zealand, Gaston Flosse's Tahiti residence burnt down in a massive fire whose origin is yet to be determined.