6 Nov 2012

American Samoa election staff are now on Manu'a island after delay

10:59 am on 6 November 2012

In American Samoa, election office staff have now arrived on Manu'a island.

Heavy rains and windy weather delayed the departure of the Segaula aircraft to deliver ballot boxes and election office staff to Manu'a this morning.

The flight to Manu'a was set to leave at 7 am however Chief Election Officer Soliai Tuipine says the plane didn't leave until after 8am as the pilot was waiting for the weather to clear.

The American Samoa government plane landed at Ta'u Airport after 9 am. After dropping off election officials and ballot boxes for Ta'u, it headed to Ofu.

With rain and wind in tomorrow's weather forecast officials are worried the weather will affect voter turnout.

The Chief election officer Soliai Tuipine has called on voters to make every effort to go to the polls tomorrow.