30 Oct 2012

Discrepancies on electoral cards lead to bar on some voting in Vanuatu

5:31 pm on 30 October 2012

A returning officer for Vanuatu's general election in Port Vila says a number of people were turned away from the polling station today due to electoral card irregularities.

McKenzie Tari, who was the returning officer running the Neil Thomas Ministry polling station in the capital, says that, overall, polling ran well and that people were patient while waiting in the long queues to vote.

Some were turned away automatically because the name on the electoral card that they presented didn't correspond with the electoral roll.

"The election seemed to go smoothly except that we have a few problems. We find with our rolls, especially the rolls - electoral cards are not corresponding with the rolls, especially the figure, the number. And some come with different names on the electoral cards. Cases like that we have refused several of them already and didn't allow them to cast their votes.'"

A returning officer in Vanuatu, McKenzie Tari.