29 Oct 2012

Guam women insulted by abortion law: Republican senator

6:23 am on 29 October 2012

A Republican senator on Guam says many women are insulted by reproductive health legislation that passed last week.

Bill 52, also known as the informed consent bill, requires that information on alternatives be provided to pregnant women considering termination.

Senator Aline Yamashita the only Republican to vote no on the measure, says legislators were given only 24 hours' notice of a special sitting for the vote on the bill introduced months ago by the Republican Governor, Eddie Calvo.

She says she received numerous emails and phone calls from health professionals.

"Saying that they disagreed with the need for it, number one. They were insulted by the intent of it and they felt that they already take very seriously their work and what they do."

Senator Aline Yamashita says she shares widespread concerns about how data collected under the new legislation may be used.