17 Oct 2012

Manus governor miffed at PNG/Australia camp contract

6:55 pm on 17 October 2012

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Manus Island is unhappy the province has missed out on deals linked to Australia's decision to re-open its asylum seeker processing centre.

Charlie Benjamin says commitments had been made on aid and contracts but there has been no follow-through.

He says the camp, due to open next week, is probably not in jeopardy, because the national government has the final say.

"I think the PNG delegation probably hasn't done its job or the Australians have probably turned a blind ear [sic] to what they have been saying but we have been told, and quoted in the papers, a deal would be done for Manus, but I'd rather we had this deal we agreed upon before the first lot of asylum seekers puts foot on Manus soil."

Charlie Benjamin, the Governor of Papua New Guinea's Manus Island