17 Oct 2012

TI Vanuatu highlights need for election observers

4:07 pm on 17 October 2012

Transparency International in Vanuatu says it believes apparent discrepancies in the voters' roll show a need for election monitors.

The Vanuatu Government has departed from recent practice in not inviting international monitors to observe election on October the 30th.

To date it has also not asked Transparency to provide local monitors as has been done in previous elections.

The organisation's president, Marie-Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson, says there's a reported 192,000 people on the electoral roll when there should only be about 120,000.

"Taking into account that not everyone registers, we have in fact a gap already of a total number for a 120 to a 192 thousand, we already have 82,000 people too many or 72 to 82 thousand people too many."

The president of Transparency International Vanuatu, Marie Noelle Ferrieux-Patterson.