17 Oct 2012

Indonesian rebuffs UNHCR requests on Papua

5:35 am on 17 October 2012

Indonesia has told the United Nations Human Rights Council, or UNHRC, that it cannot allow foreign journalists free access to Papua and West Papua provinces.

The Jakarta Post reports that a UNHRC Universal Periodic Review in May made a number of requests of the Indonesian government, including a proposal by the French review delegation for access to the eastern region.

The Foreign Ministry says it has abided by the Constitution in its response which includes a list of items that the government is unable to support.

A Ministry spokesman says foreign journalists are allowed to enter Papua region as long as they follow all the regulations laid out by the government.

Jakarta also rejects a recommendation to halt human rights violations by military personnel and police officers, and put an end to the general state of impunity in Papua, as recommended by Japan.

The government says the recommendations do not reflect the actual situation on the ground.