25 Sep 2012

Niue businesses want clearly defined parameters for foreign workers

3:20 pm on 25 September 2012

Niue's Chamber of Commerce is to approach the Government and ask for more clearly defined work permits for foreigners.

There are concerns that as the island prepares to grow its economy there will be a shortage of workers.

There are also reports Filipino workers are not having permits renewed, while some Niueans are concerned at the numbers of foreigners on the island.

The Premier and Immigration Minister, Toke Talagi, says the new Immigration Act is now being implemented and he denies that it targets Filipinos.

The Chamber's president, Avi Rubin, says what they want is a clearly defined period during which any foreign worker can be on the island.

"We need people to come and do the work. It doesn't matter if it's Filipinos or Fijians or Tongans - whoever. We need people to come to supply labour that is sometimes in shortage especially as tourism develops and we need more people here. The concern is that you want to make sure that it is a proper labour agreement where the people come, they work, they do the job, they do go back, somebody else comes and does the job - very similar to what the Cook Islands has."