20 Sep 2012

Guam hopes to save millions through the use of power meters

1:47 pm on 20 September 2012

The Guam Government hopes to save millions of dollars in electricity use by installing new power meters in customers' homes from next month.

More than 50-thousand meters should be installed across the island within 18 months.

The Guam Power Authority will also launch a web portal as part of the US 20-million dollar project, which will allow customers to go online and help them reduce any wastage.

The Power Authority's spokesperson, Art Perez, says the potential benefits are huge.

"We spend close to three hundred something million dollars in fuel. If we were even able to save 10% of that, $30 million, and have that restructured back into our local economy, that has residual benefits for Guam on a large scale. If we can chip away at that block, even by that percentage, that's a significant infusion of funds into our local island economy."

Guam Power Authority spokesperson, Art Perez.