18 Sep 2012

Nauru national airline hopes to get asylum seeker transport job

6:20 pm on 18 September 2012

Nauru's national airline is hoping to be involved in the transport of asylum seekers to Nauru after the island was re-established last week as an offshore processing centre for Australia.

The Australian government has so far transported 66 asylum seekers by plane from Christmas Island.

Our Airline is owned by the government of Nauru and its CEO, Geoff Bowmaker, says it has already been involved in transporting asylum seekers within Australia and moving support staff to Nauru in preparation for the asylum seekers.

He says the Nauru processing centre is a real opportunity for the airline and it hopes to reap more benefits by transporting the asylum-seekers themselves.

"There are operational matters that need to be gone into in terms of where exactly they're coming from and how they need to be transported into Nauru but we certainly put our case forward and we will be considered as things to develop."

Geoff Bowmaker of Nauru's national airline Our Airline.