17 Sep 2012

The majority back casino on CNMI's Rota - Mayor

6:51 pm on 17 September 2012

The mayor of Rota in the Northern Marianas says although there are some negative thoughts about casinos coming onto the island, it is a development that the majority of locals want.

The company JMSH has announced its plans for the Rota Casino and Hotel, which it says will bring up to 20 million US dollars in tax income to Rota, and the CNMI.

The Rota mayor, Melchor Mendiola, says as well as taxation benefits, visitor numbers are expected to jump to 20 thousand a year, and up to a thousand jobs are up for grabs for locals.

He says Rota welcomes developments that can provide mutual benefit to the investor and municipality.

Mr Mediola says locals were asked if they wanted a casino on the island, and the answer was clear.

"The casino issue was placed before the public by referendum, the people voted on it, and the people approved it. That's why we have this casino act, because it's the people that placed this casino into reality. There of course there's some negatives, individuals, but the people decided to have this."

The mayor of Rota, in the CNMI, Melchor Mendiola.