15 Sep 2012

American Samoa joint budget committees approve

9:21 am on 15 September 2012

The joint budget committees of American Samoa's House of Representatives and Senate have approved only a four month budget for the territorial Government.

In an unprecedented move, the Chairman of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee asked members of the media in the gallery to leave.

There was no explanation from Senator Lemanu on why the spending plan for public funds had to be closed.

Lawmakers who spoke with KHJ News say there's still uncertainty that local revenue projections in the budget proposal will be realised.

The total proposed budget is just under US$500 million and the committees have voted to approve only a quarter of that amount for the period from October to January.

By January, there'll be a new legislature to discuss and approve a budget for the rermainder of the fiscal year.

The committees recommendation now goes to the full House and Senate.