14 Sep 2012

Over 20 percent of electricity in Vanuatu renewable sources - Unelco

9:52 am on 14 September 2012

Unelco, the French power company that is the sole supplier of electricity in Vanuatu, has announced that 20-point-25 percent of its power is now from renewable sources.

Company managing director Philippe Mehrenberger says in 2006 the company was entirely dependent on imported fuel.

But he says the rising cost and the call from environmentalists for more clean air globally forced them to start investing in alternative energy.

Mr Mehrenberger says Unelco's renewable energy comes from coconut oil, wind and solar power.

Unelco has a wind farm outside Port Vila, a solar farm to provide electricity for dispensaries in Tanna and Pentecost and the company is buying copra for power plants on Efate and Malekula.