11 Sep 2012

Subsidies for uneconomic services part of maritime sector aid in Vanuatu

2:58 pm on 11 September 2012

Support from the Asian Development Bank and the New Zealand aid programme for the Vanuatu maritime sector will include subsidies for some services.

The Vanuatu Shipping Project also includes wharf upgrades and the establishment of a Maritime Safety Administration.

The multi million dollar programme will be spread over five years with the ADB providing a soft loan of nearly 11 million US dollars, New Zealand granting 12 point 6 million US dollars and the Vanuatu Government providing just over 3 million.

New Zealand's High Commissioner to Vanuatu, Bill Dobbie, says they want to ensure there are services to areas that are presently considered uneconomic by private operators.

"The areas that will be targetted by that Shipping Support Scheme will be the northwestern part of the island of Santo, the northern most islands of Vanuatu in Torba Province and the southern most islands in the Tafea outer islands group."