6 Sep 2012

Niue leader has concerns about additional airlines operating on the island

1:28 pm on 6 September 2012

The Premier of Niue says he has reservations about efforts by two Pacific airlines to introduce flights between Niue, the Cook Islands and Tonga.

Niue is currently served by a weekly Air New Zealand flight from Auckland, but

Air Rarotonga and the Tongan domestic airline Chathams have told the Niue Business Roundtable they are interested in providing additional services.

Niue Premier, Toke Talagi, says the venture would put pressure on Niue's resources.

"We need to ensure that we've got sufficient financial resources to back it for at least five years, not to pay people. It has to run itself commercially and it has to prove itself commercially."

The Niue Business Roundtable's Mark Cross says that while it's just a discussion at this stage, they've received a positive response from businesses on the island and internationally.