24 Aug 2012

Kiribati women attempt again to push for Ministry of Women and Youth

1:57 pm on 24 August 2012

Kiribati's National Council of Women is meeting with both government and opposition MPs today after an attempt to set up a new ministry for women and youth failed.

The bill to amend the constitution, which is needed before the ministry can be established, was defeated during the second reading last week.

Tangariki Reete says she's disappointed it failed, but says the Government didn't do enough to convince its MPs to push the bill through its second reading.

"The Government did not well clarify the meaning of the Bill, and what was the main objective of that Bill, and all those things. One of the things that the Opposition raised was that they were concerned about the budget for the [proposed] Ministry. They wanted that to be fully explained: the Government did not give that."

The MP Tangariki Reete says she and a number of other officials will be meeting with the National Council of Women to discuss their next move.