22 Aug 2012

Samoa Cancer Society backs anti-tobacco campaign

1:24 pm on 22 August 2012

The Samoa Cancer Society says it is keen to begin discussing the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco products in Samoa.

It says Australia's High Court ruling to require plain packaging for tobacco products shows the Samoa government's tobacco laws are consistent with other countries.

Samoa's Tobacco Control Act includes prohibiting the public display of cigarettes by retailers, smoking in work and public places and requires health warnings on cigarette packs.

It will soon require graphic images to accompany the packaging.

Its president, Lei'ataua Daryl Clarke, says Samoa is on the right track.

"Australia's certainly leading the way here and that's why it's such an important development, it's certainly something Samoa could look at, the Samoa Cancer Society could discuss with our authorities. The way we view current developments that our health authorities have taken, they are I think very strong and have showed the government to be taking quite a leading role in this field."

Lei'ataua Daryl Clarke says the legislation is aimed at cutting the take up rate of smoking and helping people quit.