21 Aug 2012

Temaru claims Russian interest in failing Tahiti hotel

5:58 pm on 21 August 2012

The French Polynesian President has told local television there are Russians who want to buy the failing Sofitel Maeva Beach Hotel and they're not interested in turning it into a casino.

Oscar Temaru has not named the interested party but says he'll be meeting the Russians again.

This comes just days after a Tahiti-based businessman, Franck Falletta, proposed to buy the hotel and turn into a casino.

The proposal upset churches and Mr Temaru said occult forces were behind the move, adding that he would move elsewhere should it ever open.

A spokesperson for Sofitel Executive has confirmed to Info Tahiti that there has been an expression of interest by Russians.

The hotel with its more than 100 employees will close at the end of November.