21 Aug 2012

Senator says Guam well prepared for deployment of 600 reservists to Afghanistan

2:59 pm on 21 August 2012

A Guam Senator Judith Guthertz says Guam is well prepared for the deployment of 600 National Guard soldiers to Afghanistan.

The deployment next year will be the largest group of reserve troops to be mobilised from the American territory.

Ms Guthertz says many of the reservists fill crucial roles in the community including in the police and fire services and as teachers.

"It is a very large number and it will have an impact in our community so we are going to feel the effects of it but at the same time the people in Guam are very patriotic. We do our part for the nation and the security of the world."

Judith Guthertz says there are laws in place so the reservists' jobs can be filled temporarily and the aim is to have their jobs waiting for them on their return.