17 Aug 2012

Tahiti's Tuheiava cleared after alleged French plot

4:46 pm on 17 August 2012

French Polynesia's pro-independence member of the French Senate says a range of charges, including forgery, brought against him in March have been dropped.

Richard Tuheiava had denied the accusations against him in Tahiti after it was alleged that he had failed in his duties as a lawyer which he was before he entered politics in 2008.

Mr Tuheiava says he has been the victim of a plot to sideline him during this year's presidential and legislative elections.

When he was charged he said the case against him was rigged and aimed at discrediting him because he had become too embarrassing for the French state.

Mr Tuheiava was disbarred for two years in 2010 in a procedure which he is still challenging.

He says the judiciary was acting on orders of the Sarkozy presidency to charge him as a lawyer while targetting him as a politician.

Mr Tuheiava says normal justice has now returned.