8 Aug 2012

PNG's O'Neill to name Cabinet today

9:22 am on 8 August 2012

There will be at least one woman among 33 ministers in Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's government when it is unveiled today according to government insiders.

AAP reports that of the three women elected to PNG's parliament, two - Loujaya Toni and Delilah Gore - are being considered for the ministry.

A third, Julie Soso, was elected as governor of the Eastern Highlands but the former journalist is not currently being considered.

One government insider said on condition he wouldn't be named that Mr "O'Neill wants to be inclusive but Ms Soso is a governor and will be busy enough.

Both Ms Gore and and governor-elect Ms Soso are part of likely treasurer Don Polye's Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party.

Until the 2012 poll there was just one female member of the national parliament, 15-year political veteran and now retired opposition leader Dame Carol Kidu.

Dame Carol said the election of three women was "brilliant", and she urged the community to get behind them.

Meanwhile, Mr O'Neill has already announced a 10-person caretaker cabinet of familiar faces.

Mr Polye, who brings 12 MPs to the 75-strong coalition table, takes the treasury and finance portfolios, while William Duma remains in charge of Petroleum and Energy.

Puka Temu is currently foreign minister while Patrick Pruaitch has been handed the forestry portfolio.

Mr O'Neill took over the law and order and national planning portfolios during the caretaker phase.