3 Aug 2012

Nauru phosphate exports improve after infrastructure improvements

10:42 am on 3 August 2012

Nauru has had a record level of phosphate exports, exporting over half a million tonnes, for the year ending July 2012.

The Minister for Ronphos - the company responsible for phosphate export - Dominic Tabuna, says the budgeted revenue for the year from Ronphos operations is about 59 million US dollars.

He says the government realised if it were to improve export levels, it needed to refurbish it's export equipment and production line.

Mr Tabuna says a high global demand for phosphate levels and infrastructure improvements helped achieve the record export levels.

"We managed in the last financial year to procure what was required and do what was needed to achieve loading bigger vessels and there's other bottle neck areas that we've identified. Like the crushing of the phosphate we needed to buy new machinery and to expand that capacity which was responsible for most of the high achievements this year."

Dominic Tabuna says the company budgets a portion of it's revenue each year towards the maintenance of export infrastructure.