2 Aug 2012

Wamytan confident of resolution to New Caledonia's flag debate

6:17 am on 2 August 2012

The pro-independence politician and President of the New Caledonian Congress Roch Wamytan says he is confident a solution will be found to the territory's contentious flag issue.

The 1998 Noumea Accord on greater autonomy calls for a new flag to express the territory's identity, but since 2010 both the French and Kanak flags have been jointly used on key public buildings.

But contention over flying the flags side by side has since prompted four governments to collapse.

Mr Wamytan says a newly set up commission will start discussing the issue in coming weeks.

"I am confident because twenty years ago, we struggled with violence but since the Matignon Accords, we choose a new way and this new way is to discuss, dialogue, consultation, discussion to try and find a solution for the future of New Caledonia."