31 Jul 2012

Tonga's Vaipulu - legal issues mean no confidence vote should not go ahead

4:20 am on 31 July 2012

Tonga's Deputy Prime Minister, Samiu Vaipulu, says he thinks the government's rebuttal of a vote of no confidence will end today, but he says legal issues should preclude any vote being held.

The Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano, yesterday continued reading his defence of the government's performance - a defence he began a week ago.

The Democratic Party, which brought the motion, says the lengthy rebuttal is merely a delaying tactic and it is confident it will get to hold a vote this week.

But Mr Vaipulu says the lack of procedures laying out how such a vote should be conducted mean the action would be illegitimate.

"It's either we amend our rules of procedures of the House or do something, but we are not sure yet [what that should be]. But in order to decide on the vote of no confidence we have got to have the rules of the House to tell us how we should do it."