28 Jul 2012

Tonga opposition labels PM letter a delay tactic

9:33 am on 28 July 2012

The leader of Tonga's opposition Democratic Party, Akilisi Pohiva, says a three-day long speech this week by the Prime Minister, Lord Tu'ivakano, was just a delay tactic to put off a vote of no confidence.

The prime minister has been reading a long letter that sets out the government's defence to the opposition charges that it has lost the trust of the people.

Lord Tu'ivakano has been listing achievements since his government came to power 18 months ago, including the just opened solar power plant on Tongatapu.

But Mr Pohiva says it is a delay tactic and everyone is aware of it.

He says he expects the prime minister to continue with his rebuttal next week after which the Democrats should get to hold the vote they want.

"If they finish their reply on Monday or Tuesday we will go right into the response from the People's Representatives and if we can complete our reply on Wednesday we will move a motion to put down the motion for vote of no confidence for ballot."