25 Jul 2012

Confusion cleared over PNG's Imbonggu seat

9:23 pm on 25 July 2012

The People's National Congress candidate and incumbent Francis Awesa has emerged the winner of

the Imbonggu Open seat in Papua New Guinea's general election after earlier uncertainty over the result.

Francis Awesa was declared the winner on Monday but on Tuesday a returning officer nullified that and awarded it to independent candidate, Pila Ninigi.

The Commission says that a number of the ballot boxes for the seat were disputed and that the returning officer defied an order from the Commission to not include the disputed ballots in the count.

The Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen says that the matter has been sorted out.

"I'm waiting for my election manager who is up in Mendi to bring the correct writ down. The declaration was made on Monday and that is the writ that I will use."

Andrew Trawen

Unconfirmed reports emerging from PNG say that Pila Ninigi has been arrested.